Quadruped Cross Crawl


Please do not perform any of these exercises unless they have been prescribed to you by one of our doctors. When performed correctly, none of these exercises should cause any pain. If you experience any pain or discomfort during or after any exercise, stop immediately and let us know.

#66 - Quadruped Cross Crawl

Leg Drag

Leg Raise

Leg & Arm Raise


Strengthen core muscles, which promotes spinal stability and decreased pain.

Where to Feel it:

Mostly in your abs, somewhat in your glutes. But little to no back tension.


Assume a version of the spinal ready position (#104), while on your hands-and-knees. From this position, perform the following maneuvers in order of difficulty. Do not progress to the next level of difficulty unless you are able to maintain the stable spinal ready position throughout the entire movement

  1. Arm Raise (not pictured): slowly raise just one arm in front of you. Hold for several seconds, and then slowly lower back down.
  2. Leg Drag: slowly drag one leg backwards along the floor until it is straight. Then pull it back in slowly.
  3. Leg Raise: After dragging leg back until it is straight, slowly lift it up off the floor. Hold, then lower slowly.
  4. Leg & Arm Raise: Combine movements #1 & #3, moving arm and opposite leg in synch with each other.


Remember to always keep breathing!


5-10 each leg, pausing for 2-3 seconds.